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Departmental Colloquium

Dr. Gerald McKenny, University of Notre Dame “Can Appeals to Human Nature Constrain Biotechnology?”

Talk Abstract: In public debates over biotechnology, theologians, philosophers, and political theorists have proposed that biotechnology could have significant implications for human nature. They argue that ethical evaluations of biotechnologies that might affect human nature must take these implications into account. But do appeals to human nature succeed or fail? And do they op- pose biotechnology or support it?

Speaker Bio: Dr. Gerald McKenny is the Walter Professor of Theology and Director of the Doctoral Program in Theology at the University of Notre Dame. He is the author of To Relieve the Human Condition (SUNY Press, 1997), The Analogy of Grace: Karl Barth’s Moral Theology (Oxford University Press, 2010), Biotechnology, Human Nature and Christian Ethics (Cambridge University Press, 2018), and editor of The Ethical (Blackwell, 2003), Altering Nature (Springer, 2008), and Darwin in the Twenty-first Century (Notre Dame, 2015).