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Perceiving the Other in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity

NEW BOOK: Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Thiessen of the Religious Studies Department on the publication of his co-edited book: Perceiving the Other in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity

Jan 23, 2018

This volume reexamines both ancient Christian and Jewish portrayals of outsiders. In what ways, both positive and negative, do ancient writers interact with and relate to those outside of their ethnicity or religious tradition? This volume devotes itself to the methodological questions surrounding the use of diverse ancient sources for the construction of the other. The goal is to shed new light on ancient interactions between different religious groups in order to describe more accurately these relationships.

Max Botner (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main): "Perceiving the Other in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the ways in which ancient authors and their communities positioned themselves vis-à-vis outsiders (real or imagined). Each essay is lucid and methodologically sound and thus repays a careful reading in its own right; taken together, moreover, they show the fruit of an approach that proceeds by interrogating specific texts rather than by superimposing hypotheses about a so-called 'parting of the ways.'" (Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies)

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