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Ready for Law School

Religious Studies grad reflects on her time at McMaster and the skills she will take with her to Osgoode Hall Law School.

Sep 29, 2017

"I began my first year at McMaster with no fixed academic plan, though I was anticipating continuing my studies in a science field due to the influence of my STEM-focused high school. However, as the year progressed, I realized that none of my courses fascinated me so much as my Religious Studies electives, and I made the decision to pursue Religious Studies as my undergraduate degree. 

"Though I did not initially choose McMaster specifically for its Religious Studies program, I now know I could not have chosen a better school, or department, at which to pursue my degree. I have had the opportunity to study with accomplished and supportive professors, and have been able to pursue coursework more specific to my interests than I thought possible at the undergraduate level—particular highlights for me have included courses on Paul’s letters, women in the Bible, and the Jewish context of the New Testament.

"Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have found my coursework consistently interesting and engaging. Biblical studies courses have given me a fresh perspective on texts I have read numerous times before, and have provided contextual and historical information that has changed how I understand Biblical texts, Christianity, and religion in general.

"Beyond subject-specific content, however, my time in the Religious Studies department has also helped me develop skills more broadly applicable to any future academic program. It has taught me to think and to read more critically, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of arguments, and to consider multiple perspectives on the topic at hand. Perhaps most significantly, it has taught me to be comfortable with uncertainty, as many of the questions explored have no definite answers. In the fall, I will take these skills with me as I move onto graduate studies at Osgoode Hall Law School. Though I am sad to leave Religious Studies behind, I know that it has prepared me exceptionally well for my future academic pursuits, and am incredibly grateful for my time in the program."

~ Alison Imrie, Class of 2017