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Ph.D. Graduates Over the Last Twenty Years

Dissertation titles, supervisors, and placements

Over the last twenty years, McMaster's Department of Religious Studies has placed over 60% of its students in tenure-track positions around the world.

**If you are a graduate of our Ph.D. program, please keep us informed about your current status!**


Asian Field

  • Ruifeng Chen (Ph.D. 2020), " “Informed Textual Practices?: a Study of Dunhuang Manuscripts of Chinese Buddhist Apocryphal Scriptures with Colophons" (Supervisor: Dr. James Benn).
  • Christopher Jensen (Ph.D. 2019), "Dreaming Betwixt and Between: Oneiric Narratives in Huijiao and Daoxuan's Biographies of Eminent Monks" (Supervisor: Dr. James Benn). As of July 2020, Dr. Jensen is assistant professor of East Asian Religions at Carleton University.
  • Christopher Handy (Ph.D. 2016), “Indian Buddhist Etiquette and the Emergence of Ascetic Civility” (Supervisor: Dr. Shayne Clarke). Dr. Handy is Researcher with the Leiden Institute for Area Studies, in the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University, and Principal Software Engineer for Prof. Jonathan Silk's Open Philology Project.
  • Stephanie Balkwill (Ph.D. 2015), “Empresses, Bhikṣuṇīs, and Women of Pure Faith: Buddhism and the Politics of Patronage in the Northern Wei” (Supervisor: Dr. James Benn). Dr. Balkwill is an assistant professor of Religion and Culture at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Adrian Chih-mien Tseng (Ph.D. 2015), “A Comparison of the Concepts of Buddha-Nature and Dao-Nature of Medieval China” (Supervisor: Dr. James Benn). Dr. Tseng is an assistant professor at Fo Guang University, Taiwan.

  • Nanette Spina (Ph.D. 2010), “The Adhi Parasakthi Temple Society of Canada: A Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu Community in Toronto” (Supervisor: Dr. Paul Younger). Dr. Spina is an associate professor of Religion at the University of Georgia.

  • Kevin Bond (Ph.D. 2009), “Forcing the Immovable One to the Ground: Revisioning a Major Deity in Early Modern Japan” (Supervisor: Dr. James Benn). Dr. Bond is an associate professor and the Acting Department Head in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Regina.

  • Christopher Austin (Ph.D. 2008), “Vedic Myth and Ritual in the Mahabharata: A critical study of the Mahaprasthanika and Svargarohana Parvans” (Supervisor: Dr. Arti Dhand). Dr. Austin is an associate professor of Religious Studies at Dalhousie University.

  • Benjamin Fleming (Ph.D. 2007), “The Cult of the Jyotirlingas and the History of Shaivite Worship” (Supervisor: Dr. Phyllis Granoff). Dr. Fleming is Cataloger of Indic Manuscripts at the Kislak Center for Special Collections at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Rubens Turci (Ph.D. 2007), “Sraddha in the Bhagavad Gita” (Supervisor: Dr. Paul Younger). Dr. Turci is Associate Researcher at PEIND - Indian Studies Program of the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Patricia Dold (Ph.D. 2005), “The Religious Vision of the Sakta Mahabhagavata Purana” (Supervisor: Dr. Paul Younger). Dr. Dold is an associate professor of Religious Studies at Memorial University.

  • Danya Furda (Ph.D. 2005), “Karma and Grace in the Legend of Angulimala” (Supervisor: Dr. Graeme MacQueen). Dr. Furda is an adjunct faculty member at Columbus State Community College.

  • Lavanya Vemsani (Ph.D. 2005), “Balarama: Change and Continuity in an Early Hindu Cult” (Supervisor: Dr. Phyllis Granoff). Dr. Vemsani is a professor of Religious Studies at Shawnee State University.

  • Richard Mann (Ph.D. 2003), “The Early Cult of Skanda in North India: From Demon to Divine Son” (Supervisor: Dr. Phyllis Granoff). Dr. Mann is an associate professor of Religion at Carleton University.

  • Jonathan Geen (Ph.D. 2002), “The Marriage of Draupadi in the Hindu and Jaina Mahabharata” (Supervisor: Dr. Phyllis Granoff). Dr. Geen is an associate professor of Religious Studies at King’s University College at Western University.

  • Jack Laughlin (Ph.D. 2000), “Aradhakamurti/Adhisthayakamurti: Popular piety, politics, and the Medieval Jain Temple Portrait” (Supervisor: Dr. Phyllis Granoff). Dr. Laughlin is an associate professor of Religious Studies at the University of Sudbury.

  • Yuan Ren (Ph.D 1997), “Manicudavadana: The Annotated Translations and A Study of the Religious Significance of Two Versions of the Sanskrit Buddhist Story” (Supervisor: Dr. Phyllis Granoff). Dr. Ren is an associate professor of Religious Studies at the University of Regina.

  • Jinhua Chen (Ph.D. 1997), “The Formation of Early Esoteric Buddhism in Japan: A Study of Three Japanese. Esoteric Apocrypha” (Dr. Koichi Shinohara). Dr. Chen is a professor of East Asian Buddhism at the University of British Columbia.

Biblical Field

  • Rob Jones (Ph.D. 2020), ""Priesthood, Cult, and Temple in the Aramaic Scrolls from Qumran" (Supervisor: Dr. Dan Machiela).
  • John VanMaaren (Ph.D. 2019), “The Gospel of Mark within Judaism: Reading the Second Gospel in Its Ethnic Landscape” (Co-supervisors: Drs. Anders Runesson and Matthew Thiessen). Dr. VanMaaren is now the Assistant Director of Academic Support, Grants, and Fellowships at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

  • Miriam DeCock (Ph.D. 2018), "Alexandrian and Antiochene Exegesis and the Gospel of John" (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Widdicombe). After completing her Ph.D., Dr. DeCock took up the Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship at Aarhus University.
  • John Bolton (Ph.D. 2018), "Source Utilization Movement and the Synoptic Problem" (Supervisor: Dr. Anders Runesson).
  • Anthony Meyer (Ph.D. 2017), "The use and non-use of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) in the Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek literature of the Second Temple Period" (Supervisor: Dr. Dan Machiela). Dr. Meyer is now an Affiliate Faculty of Instruction at Grand Valley State University.
  • Jordan Ryan (Ph.D. 2016), “The Kingdom of God and the Assembly of the People: The Role of the Synagogue in the Aims of Jesus” (Supervisor: Dr. Anders Runesson). Dr. Ryan is an assistant professor of New Testament at Wheaton College.

  • Matthew Walsh (Ph.D. 2016), “Angels Associated with Israel in the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Study of Angelology and Community Identity at Qumran” (Supervisor: Dr. Eileen Schuller). Dr. Walsh is an assistant professor in Biblical Studies at Acadia Divinity College.

  • Andrew Krause (Ph.D. 2015), “Rhetoric, Spatiality, and the First-Century Synagogue: The Description and. Narrative Use of Jewish Institutions in the Works of Flavius Josephus” (Supervisor: Dr. Anders Runesson). Dr. Krause is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Religion and Politics Cluster of Excellence at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany. He is currently working on the religious and cultural integration of Jewish communities in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods under the supervision of Professor Lutz Doering.

  • Ralph Korner (Ph.D. 2014), “Before 'Church': Political, Ethno-Religious, and Theological Implications of the Collective Designation of Pauline Christ-Followers as Ekklēsiai” (Supervisor: Dr. Anders Runesson). Dr. Korner is Academic Dean and an associate professor of Biblical Studies at Taylor Seminary.

  • Eric Montgomery (Ph.D. 2014), “A Stream from Eden: The Nature and Development of a Revelatory Tradition in the Dead Sea Scrolls” (Supervisor: Dr. Eileen Schuller). Dr. Montgomery is an assistant professor of New Testament at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Hosur, India.

  • Nicholas Meyer (Ph.D. 2013), “Adam’s Dust and Adam’s Glory: Anthropogony and Theology in the Hodayot and the Letters of Paul” (Supervisors: Dr. Eileen Schuller and Dr. Stephen Westerholm). Dr. Meyer is an assistant professor on the faculty of Theology of Huron University College at Western University and a sessional instructor at McMaster University .

  • Andrew Perrin (Ph.D. 2013), “Dream-Visions in the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls: Shared Compositional Patterns and Concerns” (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Machiela). Dr. Perrin is Associate Vice President Research at Athabasca University.

  • Jonathan Bernier (Ph.D. 2012), “‘Lest the Nation be Destroyed’: The Historical Jesus and the Johannine Aposynagōgos Passages” (Supervisor: Dr. Anders Runesson). Dr. Bernier is the Executive Director of the Lonergan Research Institute—Toronto and Assistant Professor at Regis College.

  • Daniel Opperwall (Ph.D. 2012), “‘The Holy Spirit in the Life and Writings of Gregory of Nazianzus” (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Widdicombe). 

  • Erich Engler (Ph.D. 2012), “Reward and Punishment in Pseudo-Philo’s Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum” (Supervisor: Dr. Eileen Schuller).

  • Jeremy Penner (Ph.D. 2010), “Times for Daily Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Judaism” (Supervisor: Dr. Eileen Schuller). After completing the Ph.D., Dr. Penner held postdoctoral fellowships at KU Leuven (2012–2014) and the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence at the University of Helsinki (2014–2016). As of December 1, 2019, Dr. Penner is the Senior Library Assistant for the Near and Middle Eastern Department at Cambridge University Library, England. 

  • Amanda Witmer (Ph.D. 2010), “Jesus, A Jewish Galilean Exorcist: A Socio-Political and Anthropological Investigation” (Supervisor: Dr. Anders Runesson). Dr. Witmer is a sessional instructor at Conrad Grebel University College and Wilfrid Laurier University.

  • Susan Wendel (Ph.D. 2009), “To Hear and Perceive: Scriptural Interpretation and Community Self-Definition in Luke-Acts and the Writings of Justin Martyr” (Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Westerholm). Dr. Wendel is associate professor of New Testament at Briercrest College.

  • Gerhard Visscher (Ph.D. 2008), “Abraham, Faith, and Works: the Role of Romans 4 in the Discussion concerning the New Perspective on Paul” (Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Westerholm). Dr. Visscher is Academic Dean and professor of New Testament at Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary.

  • Wayne Baxter (2008), “Matthew's Shepherd Motif And Its Socio-Religious Implications” (Supervisor: Dr. Anders Runesson). Dr. Baxter is an associate professor of New Testament and Greek at Heritage College & Seminary.

  • Pauline Hogan (2007), “‘No Longer Male and Female’: Interpreting Galatians 3:28 in Early Christianity” (Supervisors: Dr. Peter Widdicombe and Dr. Annette Yoshiko Reed).

  • Kenneth Penner (2006), “Verb Form Semantics in Qumran Sectarian Texts: Hebrew Tense, Aspect, and Modality between the Bible and the Mishnah” (Supervisor: Dr. Eileen Schuller). Dr. Penner is an associate professor of Religious Studies at St. Francis Xavier University.

  • Ian Scott (Ph.D. 2005), “Living the Story: Implicit Epistemology in Paul's Letter” (Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Westerholm). Dr. Scott is an associate professor of New Testament at Tyndale Seminary.

  • David Miller (Ph.D. 2005), “Luke's Conception of Prophets Considered in the Context of Second Temple Literature” (Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Westerholm). Dr. Miller is an associate professor of New Testament and Early Judaism at Briercrest College.

  • Cecilia Wassen (Ph.D. 2004), “Women in the Damascus Document” (Supervisor: Dr. Eileen Schuller). Dr. Wassen is an associate professor in the Department of Theology at Uppsala University.

  • Johnson Samuel Subramanian, “The Prophetic Reading of the Psalms in the Synoptic Gospels, in the Context of Second Temple Judaism” (Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Westerholm). Dr. Subramanian is assistant professor of New Testament Theology at United Theological Seminary.

  • Olutola Kehinde Peters (Ph.D. 2002), “The Mandate of the Church in the Apocalypse of John” (Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Westerholm). Dr. Peters is Professor Emeritus at Emmanuel Bible College.

  • Lorenzo DiTommaso (Ph.D. 2002), “The Qumran New Jerusalem Text: Contents and Contexts” (Supervisor: Dr. Eileen Schuller). Dr. DiTommaso is professor of Religion and Cultures at Concordia University.

  • Jane Webster (Ph.D. 2001), “Ingesting Jesus: Eating and drinking in the Gospel of John” (Supervisor: Dr. Adele Reinhartz). Dr. Webster is professor of Religion and Philosophy at Barton College.

  • Wayne Brouwer (Ph.D. 1999), “The literary development of John 13--17: A chiastic reading” (Supervisor: Dr. Adele Reinhartz). Dr. Brouwer is an associate professor of Religion at Hope College.

  • Peter Frick (Ph.D. 1998), “The Concept of Divine Providence in the Thought of Philo of Alexandria” (Dr. Alan Mendelson). Dr. Frick is Academic Dean and professor at St. Paul’s University College at the University of Waterloo.  

Western Field

  • Zacharie Klassen, (Ph.D. 2020), “Theologies of Israel and Judaism After Karl Barth” (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Widdicombe).
  • Alex Suderman (Ph.D. 2020), "The Sacrament of Desire: The Poetics of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Friedrich Nietzsche in Critical Dialogue with Henri de Lubac" (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Suderman is now an independent researcher and writer, who is planting a church in Germany. 
  • Rebecca Vendetti (Ph.D. 2018), "The Doctrine of Atonement in the Writings of C. S. Lewis" (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Widdicombe). Dr. Vendetti now works as the Youth Ministry Co-ordinator at St. Luke's Anglican Church in Burlington.
  • Adel Hashemi (Ph.D. 2018), "The Concept of Martyrdom in Twelver Shi-ism Ideas and Development" (Supervisor: Dr. Liyakat Takim).
  • Jonathan Milevsky (Ph.D. 2018), "The Seven Laws of Noah or the Seven Laws of Novak: Comparing Novak's First and Second Accounts of Natural Law Using His Notion of Rationality" (Supervisor: Dr. Zdravko Planinc).
  • Taymaz Tabrizi (Ph.D. 2016), "Marriage as a Technology of the Self: Sex, Gender and Juristic Inversion in the Soteriology of Imāmī Law" (Supervisor: Dr. Liyakat Takim). Dr. Tabrizi is currently Director of Research at the Berkeley Institute for Islamic Studies.
  • Gregory Wiebe (Ph.D. 2015), “Demons in the Theology of Augustine” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Wiebe is the Executive Coordinator for the Office of the Vice President Academic at Canadian Mennonite University.

  • Christopher Koop (Ph.D. 2015), “The Politics of Christian Forgiveness: An Augustinian Assessment of Hannah Arendt” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Koop is now a high school teacher in St. Catherines, Ontario. 

  • Michael Agnew (Ph.D. 2015), “Where Heaven Touched Earth: Encountering Place and Person at Lourdes” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone). Dr. Agnew is a postdoctoral fellow at the MacPherson Institute at McMaster University.

  • Grant Poettcker (Ph.D. 2013), “Redeeming Wrath and Apocalyptic Violence: Girard and von Balthasar in Response to Nietzsche’s Critique of Atonement Theology” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Poettcker is an assistant professor of Philosophy at Briercrest College.

  • Joseph Wiebe (Ph.D. 2013), “Wendell Berry's Imagination in Place: Affection, Community, and Literature” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Wiebe is an assistant professor of Religious Studies at the University of Alberta.

  • Émilie Roy (Ph.D. 2012), “Educating Pious Citizens: Local Politics, International Funding, and Democracy in Bamako's Islamic Schools” (Supervisor: Dr. Celia Rothenberg). Dr. Roy is an assistant professor in the School of Humanities & Social Sciences at Al Akhawayn University.

  • Sherry Smith (Ph.D. 2011), “Encountering Anne: Journeys to Sainte Anne de Beaupré” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone). Dr. Smith is a sessional instructor for McMaster University.

  • Glen Graham (Ph.D. 2011), “Kierkegaard and the Longing for God” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Graham is an assistant professor of Humanities at Burman University.

  • Darren Dahl (Ph.D. 2011), “The Question of God- Phenomenology Hermeneutics and Revelation in Jean-Luc Marion and Paul Ricouer” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). After completing his PhD., Dr. Dahl served as Executive Director, Prairie Centre for Ecumenism, Saskatoon and was a CMRS Fellow at the University of Saskatchewan. He is now an assistant professor of philosophy at Briercrest College.

  • Hisako Omori (Ph.D. 2011), “Transforming Selves: Identity, History, and Autonomy among Roman Catholics in Tokyo” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone). Dr. Omori is a faculty member of International Liberal Arts at Akita International University.

  • Alisha Pomazon (Ph.D. 2010), “Neighbors and Strangers: Hermann Cohen and Protestant Biblical Criticism” (Supervisor: Dr. Dana Hollander). Dr. Pomazon is assistant professor of Religion and Culture at St. Thomas More College at the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Camilla Mryglod (Ph.D. 2010), “The sacred flesh: On Camus's philosophy of the body” (Supervisor: Dr. Zdravko Planinc).

  • Dustin Resch (Ph.D. 2010), “A Sigh of Mystery: Karl Barth's Theology of the Virgin Birth” (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Widdicombe). Dr. Resch is an associate priest at Saint Aidan Anglican Church in Moose Jaw, SK.

  • David Lorne (Ph.D. 2009), “The Structural Politics of Totem and Taboo” (Supervisor: Dr. Zdravko Planinc).

  • Kathy Jackson (Ph.D. 2009), “‘Death Becomes Them’: A Funeral Home Ethnography” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone).

  • Carlos Colorado (Ph.D, 2009), “Transcendence, Kenosis and Enfleshment: Charles Taylor's Religious Thought” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Colorado is an associate professor and chair of Religion and Culture at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Ronald Srigley (Ph.D. 2009), “Albert Camus' Critique of Modernity” (Supervisor: Dr. Zdravko Planinc). Dr. Srigley is a sessional instructor at Laurentian University.

  • Justin Klassen (Ph.D. 2009), “Faith's Sublime Traversal: Rhetorical and Dialectical Approaches to Preserving Christianity as Existential Movement” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Klassen is an associate professor of Theology at Bellarmine University.

  • Gregory Hillis (Ph.D. 2008), “‘The Natural Likeness of the Son’: Cyril of Alexandria’s Pneumatology” (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Widdicombe). Dr. Hillis is an associate professor of Theology at Bellarmine University.

  • Andrew Muncaster (Ph.D. 2008), “The Influence of Jacques Ellul, Martin Heidegger and Simone Weil on George Grant's Changing Understanding of Technology” (Supervisor: Dr. Zdravko Planinc). Dr. Muncaster is a sessional instructor in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Guelph.

  • Jennifer Selby (PhD 2008), “The Shifting Boundaries of Gender Politics and Laicite: An Ethnography of First-generation Muslim Maghrebian Women in a Parisian banlieue” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone). Dr. Selby is an associate professor in Religious Studies at Memorial University.

  • Leonard Stan (PhD 2007), “The Concept of Alterity in Soren Kierkegaard's Authorship” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Stan is a professor in the School of Liberal Studies at Conestoga College.

  • Paul Doerksen (Ph.D. 2007), “Beyond Suspicion: Post-Christendom Protestant Political Theology in the Thought of John Howard Yoder and Oliver O’Donovan” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Doerksen is an associate professor of Theology and Anabaptist Studies at Canadian Mennonite University.

  • Jeffrey McPherson (Ph.D. 2006), “Jonathan Edwards and Alfred North Whitehead: The Possibility of a Constructive Dialogue in Metaphysics” (Supervisor: Dr. John Robertson). Dr. McPherson is an associate professor of Christian Theology at Roberts Wesleyan College.

  • Paul Gallagher (Ph.D. 2006), “Citizens of Heaven, Residents of the Earth: The Politics of the Sermon on the Mount” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Gallagher is Vice-Rector at Yale-NUS College in Singapore.

  • David Farr (Ph.D 2005), “A Critical Examination of A.N. Whitehead's Metaphysics in Light of the Later Martin Heidegger's Critique of Onto-Theology” (Supervisor: Dr. John Robertson).

  • Nathan Colborne (Ph.D 2005), “Desire, Discipline and the Political Body in Michel Foucault and St. Augustine” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Colborne is an associate professor of Religions and Cultures at Nipissing University.

  • Scott Dunham (Ph.D. 2005), “The Trinity and Creation: Augustine and Boff on Monarchy, Governance and Dominion” (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Widdicombe). Dr. Dunham is an adjunct professor of Philosophy at the University of New Brunswick.

  • Tim Lilburn (Ph.D. 2005), “Eros in Plato and Early Christian Platonists: A Philosophical Poetic” (Supervisor: Dr. Zdravko Planinc). Dr. Lilburn is a Canadian poet and essayist. He has won a Governor General’s Award for his poetry and is a Fellow of the Royal Society. He is a professor in the Writing Program at the University of Victoria.

  • Bernard Wills (Ph.D. 2004), “The Conversion of Skepticism in Augustine’s Against the Academics” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Wills is an associate professor of Humanities at Memorial University.

  • Angela Robinson (Ph.D. 2003), “Ta'n teli-ktlamsītasimk (Ways of believing): Mi'kmaw religion in Eskasoni, Nova Scotia” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone).Dr. Robinson is an associate professor and chair of the program in Social/Cultural Studies at Memorial University, Grenfell Campus.

  • Paul Corey (Ph.D. 2003), “Evil in Modern Theatre: Eschatology, Expediency, and the Tragic Vision” (Supervisor: Dr. Zdravko Planinc). Dr. Corey is program coordinator for Liberal Studies at Humber College.

  • Richard Shields (Ph.D. 2002), “Ethics and Ambiguity: A Critical Study of Charles E. Curran's Ecumenical Ethics of Dialogue” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Shields is an adjunct faculty member at St. Michael’s College, Toronto School of Theology.

  • Joseph Velaidum (Ph.D. 2002), “Axis Mundi: The Spiritual Journey of Consciousness in the Thought of Northrop Frye” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Velaidum is an associate professor of Religious Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island.

  • Susan Srigley (Ph.D. 2001), “Prophetic Vision and Moral Imagination in Flannery O'Connor's Fiction” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Srigley is a professor of Religions and Cultures at Nipissing University.

  • Gerald Day (Ph.D. 2000), “Eric Voegelin and Friedrich Schelling on Reason and Revelatory Myth” (Supervisor: Dr. Zdravko Planinc).

  • Faydra Shapiro (Ph.D. 2000), “Building and Being Built: Constructing Jewish Identities on an Israel Experience Program” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone). Dr. Shapiro is the director of the Israel Center for Jewish-Christian Relations and an associate fellow at the Philos Project.

  • Paula Holmes (Ph.D. 2000), “Symbol Tales: Paths towards the Creation of a Saint” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone).

  • Oona Eisenstadt (Ph.D. 1999), “Levinas’ Prophetic Ethics: His Use of the Sources of Judaism” (Supervisor: Dr. P. Travis Kroeker). Dr. Eisenstadt is the Fred Krinsky Professor of Jewish Studies and an associate professor of Religious Studies at Pomona College.

  • Paul Bramadat (Ph.D. 1998), “The Church on the World's Turf: An Evangelical Christian Group at a Secular University” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone). Dr. Bramadat is a professor at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria.

  • Anne Marie Martin (Ph.D. 1997), “Visions of Justice, the Question of Immortality: A Study of the Nature of Oppression and Liberation in the Work of Rosemary Radford Ruether and Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki (Supervisor: Dr. John Robertson).

  • Darcee Lee McLaren (Ph.D. 1997), “Living the Middle Ground: Four Native Presbyterian Missionaries, 1866-1912” (Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Badone).

  • Peter Harvey Denton (Ph.D. 1997), “The ‘Old Savage’ and the Scientific Outlook: Religion, Science and Social Ethics in the Writings of Bertrand Russell, 1919-1938” (Supervisor: Dr. Louis Greenspan). Dr. Denton is a part-time associate professor of History at the Royal Military College of Canada.